We Are living proof that artificial grass improves family Life!!


For one I never have to mow it, the children can play on it in any weather, there is never any mud no matter how much water they  manage to throw out of the paddling pool, we empty the paddling pool right on it & still no Mud, no weeds, nothing grows through it, next doors dog has done whoopsie!! on it...hosed down...no problem, no dirty feet when hanging out the washing (so im told). Etc etc etc.


I (yes its that easy) installed the grass in the pictures in Dec 2011 & it still looks exactly the same today . You can see Billy has grown during the four years its been with us from taking his first swing and slam dunking his first basket to learning to ride his bike. 

I will add a new picture/video of it in the morning 22/08/2015...... here its is 4 years on!!

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